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Wyoming Counties Word Game

Courtesy of Library Archives, 08/08/2012

Fill in the blanks in the following story with the names of Wyoming Counties. The key to the answers may be found at the end of the story.

A Trip to Wyoming

Monty (1)______ and his bride, Natty, lived in (2)______, New York. They decided to (3)______ their apartment and spend the summer in the West. They did not want to go (4)______ the train, but in their new (5)______ car. With a (6)______ of Wyoming they mapped out their itinerary with little difficulty. They crossed the (7)______ River and drank of its water and found it to be
(8)______. They saw (9)______ Peak, and the (10)______ Mountains beautiful to behold. Although they did not see a (11)______, they saw a cow with a (12)______. They met an interesting Indian named (13)______, but were unable to (14)______ with him much to their disappointment; for no doubt he could have told them many interesting tales of the West. After many days of travel they had
trouble with their car. (15)______, whom Monty fondly called Natty, said, "We are having more trouble than General (16)______." They had to (17)______ their car and Natty said, "You are (18)______ to go and get help. I am not afraid to stay alone. We haven't seen a (19)______ while in Wyoming." Monty with a service man soon returned. After looking at the car he said, "There is (20)______ in the engine and it also has (21)______. I'll pull (22)______ Yoder." Here they realized that they were in the land of plenty and honey and decided to live forever in this land of (23)______.

-1. Johnson
-2. Albany
-3. Sublette
-4. Weston
-5. Lincoln
-6. Platte
-7. Niobrara
-8. Sweetwater
-9. Laramie
10. Teton
11. Campbell
12. Big Horn
13. Washakie
14. Converse
15. Natrona
16. Sheridan
17. Park
18. Fremont
19. Crook
20. Carbon
21. Hot Springs
22. Uinta
23. Goshen

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