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Costlow Collection, Lusk Family Index

Courtesy of Library Costlow Collection, 11/30/-0001

Costlow Collection, Lusk Family, Index

Information held at the library includes many letters and documents which currently are not posted on this website. For more information contact the library.

The Town of Lusk, its founder and how it got its name.


Part 1 - Frank S. Lusk, Founder and Namesake

Part 2 - Louise "Findley" Lusk, wife

Part 3 - Vivian"Gorham" Lusk , now Vivian Abozeid, foster daughter and only survivor: See letter of 3/7/66 for age (63 in 1966)

Part 4 - Mary C. Lusk, Sister

Part 5 - Cornelia M. Lusk, Mother

Part 6 - Sarah Marilla Stillman, Grandmother

Part 7 - Letters of Gladys Bennett, on informant who furnished much information on Frank and Louise Lusk while residents of Missoula, Montana.

Part 8 - Notes and Incorporation of Town of Lusk, organization of Niobrara County and admission of the Territory of Wyoming to statehood.

Part 9 - Olinger Research on Frank Lusk

Part 10 - Miscellaneous Letters

Part 11 - Obituary of Ralph T. Olinger and a tribute by J. P. Costlow.

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