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Hat Creek Dateline: 1882/11/14

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/05/1992

Russ Thorp purchases Raw Hide Buttes Ranch from Atkins
by Ed Cook, Contributing Writer

Russell Thorp has recently purchased the Raw Hide Buttes Ranch from Charlotte H. Atkins. Thorp is reported to have paid $3,500 for the ranch and he is starting extensive improvements. In addition to his other mining interest, Thorp has also become the owner of the Old George lode, and is pushing work on it as fast as possible.

With all of the nearby mining activity, the Raw Hide Buttes Ranch is a very busy stop on the Cheyenne to Black Hills Stage Line. The purchase included a fine blacksmith shop where horses are shod at $2 each; a well stocked grocery and dry good store; stage station, telegraph office, post office and road ranch accommodations.

Thorp is making plans to bring a force of carpenters to his new holdings and have them make extensive changes in the store and the residence. As quickly as possible he plans to move his wife and five-year-old son, Russell Jr., from Fort Laramie to their new home. Mrs. Thorp being of pioneer stock, will be a capable helpmate in the operation of the stage station and road ranch.

Signs of civilization moving into the area were evident last week as elections were again conducted. There was not much competition on the ballot for local officers in the Hat Creek precinct. John Groher was unopposed for justice of the peace, he received 19 votes and replaces J.R Keyes. W.A Crabe was also unopposed in his bid for constable. He too received 19 votes and will replace L.J. Brown.

A new precinct was established north of here this year on the 999 Ranch. The new precinct is called Lance Creek because the ranch is located where Lance Creek runs into the Cheyenne River. Cowboys from that vicinity elected J.G. Stortz as the justice of the peace. He was unopposed and received 22 votes. In the race for constable of Lance Creek, I.C. Griffith polled 19 votes to John Kendrick's three.

At Rawhide Buttes, Charlotte H. Atkins (who has just sold her ranch to Russell Thorp) lost her bid for re-election as the justice of the peace to Martin Iago, 14-41 votes. In the race for constable at Rawhide Buttes, incumbent E. Mayes with only 10 votes also lost to William Guinn who received 24 votes.

Laramie County officials elected include Commissioners Thomas Swan, T. Dyer and g.W. Hoyt; Sheriff Seth B. Sharpless; County Clerk John K. Jeffrey; County Attorney C.J. Baird; County Surveyor W.W. Jeffery; Probate Judge and County Treasurer Isaac Bergman; Superintendent of Schools W. Richardson; County Coroner John T. Chaffin.

Laramie County delegates elected to Territorial council (Senate) were F.E. Warren, A. T. Babbit, Phil Dater, W. C. Irvine; delegates to Territorial House of Representatives J.H. Ford, A. Jackson, H.E. Teschemacher, John F. Coad, F.W. Schwartze, N.N. Craig, D. Miller and Thomas J. Cayhill.

A total of 10,515 votes were cast in Wyoming Territory, M.E. Post was elected as our delegate to Congress. All other territorial officials are still federal appointees.

(Information sources: "Wyoming Blue Book," by Trenholm; "The Cheyenne and Black Hills Stage and Express Routes," by Agnes Wright Spring.)

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