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Niobrara County Fairgrounds

Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 06/11/1931

County to Have New Fair Ground Site; Land Bought

Niobrara county is going to have its own fair grounds for the future and in a deal consummated on Monday, the board of county commissioners purchased a tract of land on the south edge of the city from J.E. Mayes, aggregating 33 acres, which will be used for the purpose of the annual agricultural, livestock and home economics showing, and sport events such as the rodeo, or other events which may come in conjunction with the county fair.

This deal has been in the making for several weeks and was begun by members of the board of county commissioners and the county fair board. It came about because of the undesirable location of the present fair grounds and further, because the present site is leased from the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company, and the lease has been made from year to year only. This condition made it necessary that a change be made and a permanent site secured.

The tract purchased is ideally situated for fair purposed and will offer as much or more towards drawing crowds to the fair. A race track of half-mile dimension will be built and the buildings at the present site will be moved as soon as possible. Lights and water will be facilities in the new location that were not available on the railroad's property. It is also planned that a beautification program will soon be started, and trees and shrubbery will be distributed throughout the tract to enhance its appearance.

The completion of this transaction has taken considerable of the time of County Agent Reeves, Thos. M. Fagan, president, and A.E. Johnson, secretary, of the county fair board, and members of the board of county commissioners, but it was well worth while. It is a step toward progress and shows a sincere interest in the accomplishments of this county, so far as exhibiting its products is concerned.

The grounds will also be open for use as a golf grounds, baseball diamond, football field, etc., and it is assured that all these things will be entertained without difficulty.

What the county fair board plans for this year has not yet been decided upon, but it is to be expected than announcement will be made within a short time of any decision which may be reached.

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