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1896 Chicago newspaper Tells of Frank S. Lusk

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/28/1955

An old Chicago newspaper confirmed the belief that Frank S. Lusk, the man for which the Town of Lusk was named, must have been recognized as a prominent man even in large cities like Chicago.

Mrs. Charles E. Lindahl of Crystal Lake, Illinois and mother of Dr. E. L. Lindahl of Lusk, recently looked behind an antique picture of George Washington which she had purchased at an auction. A February 18, 1896 issue of the Chicago Evening Journal backed up the old picture. On page three of the issue in the "Around Town" column appeared the following paragraph: "Frank S. Lusk of Lusk, Wyo., is ill at the Great Northern Hotel. He came here a week ago suffering with appendicitis, and during last week it was decided an operation was necessary to save his life. His condition, however, did not warrant it."

The old paper contains numerous other items of interest. Under the Odds and Ends heading this article appears. "Edison prophesies that ten years the horseless carriage will be the rule, and the horse propelled vehicles the exception."

While the popular modern conception of the famous James J. Corbett is that of a boxer the paper devotes considerable space to discussion of his theater acting ability. However, the critic seems to think that Corbett's performances in the ring were better than they were on the stage.

Two different advertisements appear in the paper offering Cripple Creek (Colorado) gold stock for sale.

The Chicago Live Stock market report showed that steers sold from $3.40 to $3.80 per cwt. Montana, Utah, and Wyoming wool was quoted as medium unwashed 14c, coarse unwashed 11c, and fine unwashed 10.

The item about Mr. Lusk was of particular interest to many local historians for little of the personal life about him are known. However, it is known that the Town was established on land which was originally part of the Frank S. Lusk ranch.

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