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Node Church is 100 years old

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/23/2014

A celebration was held Sunday July 13, 2014 honoring the 100 years of the Node Church. Sunday School class was held, followed by church services led by David Dick. A carry in dinner was then enjoyed by approximately 70 people. Following the dinner, a short program was given. Ron Shoults led the group in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer by Dale Hytrek. Jimmy and Carmen Shane told history of the church and the building.

The dedication of the building and the Node Congregational Church was held April 5, 1914 with approximately 50 people in attendance. They told how the funds were raised to build the building and how dedicated the people of the community were to make it possible. One homesteader mortgaged his homestead and gave $285 to the enterprise. Another man whose crops were a failure the year before, contributed $125. Another man with a big family who had a struggle to keep even, contributed $100. Many people contributed labor, both man and horsepower. Sand for the cement work was hauled from the Rawhide Creek near the Rawhide Buttes, by team and wagon. A generous friend from the East of the then Superintendent Gray, was able to put into the little sanctuary a new organ which cost $100. The building furnished cost $2,400. The organ, pews, and pulpit are from the original church. Nyone Perry played three hymns on the organ with the people joining in singing.

Part of the building was the original church building. The church as did the town of Node, only lasted about ten years. The building was later bought by the Node School District # 5 and used as a school until 1972. The building is now being used as a church again. There was a time from about 1922 until 1968 that there were no church services held at Node.

Delbert Dick gave a report on organizing Sunday School again at Node in 1968, and how it came about, who the original members were and that only two of them are still alive; Georgia Shoults and Carmen Shane.

Some cedar crosses, made by Stan Aamodt, were presented to Delbert and Dorothy Dick and to David and Pam Dick, as a small token of appreciation for their service to the church over the years.

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