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Gov. Warren Praises Lusk 1886

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/28/1936

(From The Lusk Herald, Sept. 1886)

Lusk was only a few months old when his excellency, Governor Warren, gave the reporter of the Cheyenne Leader, a few items regarding the growth, prosperity and future promise of Lusk, as follows:

"The town now has 300 people. Three lumber yards are in active business operation, and a kiln of brick has been burned. The Richards Bros. will soon begin the construction of a handsome and commodious brick banking building. The banking firm has its headquarters in Chadron, Nebr., and the banks of both Douglas and Lusk will be branch establishments."

Governor Warren thinks that Lusk will rapidly develop into the greatest shipping point for cattle in the territory, and will hold her superiority in this respect for many years. The cattle industry naturally tributary to Lusk is extensive and rich, being both well grassed and well stocked. Other regions, more or less remote, will by the force of range situation and characteristics, gravitate to Lusk as a shipping point and base of supplies.

"The agricultural lands, in the center of which Lusk stands, are broad, fertile, and susceptible of easy irrigation. They alone can support a thriving little city, and they are rapidly acquiring a hardy, intelligent, and industrious population."

The citizens of Lusk are determined that the lawless element, drifting more or less toward all frontier towns, shall not obtain a dangerous foothold in their community. As Governor Warren passed through town, the people presented to him a petition that their force of peace officers might be increased and that a temporary bu secure jail be erected in their town limits. Yesterday the governor was in conference with the county commissioners, the sheriff and the United States marshal on the subject of this petition. There is no doubt but that the praiseworthy prayer of the people of Lusk will be granted.

"Lusk is connected with Cheyenne by a well appointed and well managed stage man, Russell Thorpe, and is the shortest, quickest, cheapest and easiest way of reaching Lusk and Chadron."

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