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War Clouds in Niobrara Are Vanishing

Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 03/21/1911

Two Factions Come to Cheyenne to Battle, But Probably Will Not

Bearing out the statements made in an article that appeared in the State leader Sunday morning, in the matter of a threatened scrap - divisionists and non-divisionists - representing the eastern and western sections of the proposed county of Niobrara, the fight was yesterday brought to Cheyenne and Governor J. M. Carey was called upon to referee the battle, but instead he offered his services as peacemaker and at a late hour yesterday afternoon the chances of the two factions getting together were satisfactory to the chief executive.

Two factions were represented by H. C. Snyder and W. B. Shipley of Lusk - eastern Niobrara - and A. A. Spaugh, a prominent ranchman and Harry B. Card, of Manville - western Niobrara. The two former gentlemen advanced the interest of Niobrara's creation, while the two latter put forth the arguments of that faction which objects to the immediate organization and creation of the proposed new county. The latter delegation called upon the governor yesterday with facts, figures and other matter showing the reasons why the division of Converse and creation of Niobrara should be delayed, while the pro-divisionists in favor of immediate organization of the new county brought facts and figures relative to the population and taxable valuation of the proposed new county sufficient to meet with the conditions embraced in the enabling act passed by the Eleventh legislature.

It was shown that Niobrara will have a population of 2,083 inhabitants and an assessed valuation of approximately $4,5000,000, based on the valuation of 1910. This leaves Converse County an assessed valuation of about $7,500,000.

These facts and figures, along with a petition with the required number of signatures of voters, meet all conditions of the law which provides for the creation of the county and being unable under the circumstances to consider the prayer of the antis, Governor Carey did the next best thing and used his good offices in an attempt to bring about an end to the trouble, which he probably has done, and the matter will definitely settled by the voters at the special election.

From the Cheyenne State Leader

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