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Flying Discs Are Reported Seen in Keeline Vicinity

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/10/1947

Floyd Bartos of Keeline reported to The Herald this week that two weeks ago, on Thursday, June 26, he saw two flying discs.

He saw the first about 11 a.m., traveling east about 4 miles north of Keeline. He said it was going at terrific speed and very high. It seemed about the size of a dollar, and looked like a bright mirror.

That same night about 9:00 o'clock, he saw another in about the same place. It was like a bright light with a sort of a red streak back of it and was traveling very fast up and down, he estimated about 8 to 10 feet.

Floyd says he had quite a time trying to watch the mud holes and the sky at the same time.

George Story Sees a Flying 'Something'

The Lusk Herald
July 17, 1947

George Story, whose ranch is about ten miles north of Hat Creek, and who possesses a fine reputation for truth and veracity is another Niobrara County resident who says he spotted one of those objects generally dubbed as "Flying Saucers," which has attracted nation-wide attention for the past few weeks.

George says what he saw on the morning of July 10th, just about daylight, looked like a ball of fire, moving at a terrific rate of speed through the sky, and was visible for only a few seconds. He says it was moving above the clouds and was moving at a terrific rate of speed from north to south, and disappeared so quickly that he really couldn't very well make out what it was. He says the object was very bright and was ball shaped, about the "size of a good-sized airplane."

University Prof. Gives View on Flying Discs
The Lusk Herald, July 17, 1947

Laramie, Wyo.- Flying discs probably do not represent any deliberate plot of an external government to alarm the American people, according to C.F. Barr, head of the University of Wyoming department of mathematics.

After asserting his conviction that the mystery phenomenon are not astronomical, Barr said this morning that the streaks of light now terrorizing the nation have received continued government attention since the end of the war.

"I don't believe there is any cause for hysteria," Barr said. "I cannot conceive of any line of thinking by which Russia would produce these objects and send them here."

Barr discounted the theory that the mystery discs are random meteors. Meteor showers have been charted and can be predicted. Random meteors are so trivial that they could not explain the flying discs.

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