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1896 Herald Lists Brands of Many Local Ranches

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/24/1956

In 1896 the local ranch men advertised their brands in The Lusk Herald. Not all the stock growers are represented, but the ones who advertised are listed:

Syds Hoitsma, range south and southeast of Lusk, brand X crazy T, up and down.

A.F. Christian, Rawhide Creek, Drag open AYO

Lowry & Hixon, Rawhide and J.M. Creeks, JM brand.

Harry Eaton, Rawhide Creek, ENC

C.E. Partridge, between Sage and Indian Creeks, running NK.

Ed L. Patrick, lower Rawhide, E-M

Elliott W. Brown, heads of Indian and Sage Creeks, Box X. (This party bought the ranch house Andrew Falconer had built on his homestead on Cottonwood and moved it to his Box X homestead.)

J.S. Bonsell and S.R. Henry, Old Woman Creek, I open V open a.

Frank Renicke, north and northeast of Rawhide Buttes south of Lusk, outline of a hand with index finger pointing.

Andrew Falconer on Hat Creek (actually Sage creek) F in open box.

W.W. Wolfe & Son, country adjacent north of Rawhide Buttes and around Chimney Rock, running 9 bar, up and down.

Pfister and Arnold, between Lusk and Rawhide Buttes, brand RAP.

Ed Daley, Old Woman Creek, E bar X, up and down.

John Scott, Indian Creek, brand diamond with lazy S in center.

Nat Baker, Runningwater creek, brand, running NB connected.

Chris Christian, north of Van Tassell, brand CC.

Wm Reynolds, range on Rawhide Creek, brand 3 bar S, up and down.

Mrs. Joe McFarlane, range head of Old Woman Creek, brand V quarter circle, up and down.

Mrs. C.M. McGinnis, range between Lusk and Rawhide Buttes, brand F bar crazy F, up and down.

Mrs. Mary Bare, range between Lusk and Rawhide Buttes, brand IB.

Amelia Richardson, range on Runningwater creek, brand JC connected.

H. T. Gray, range south and southeast of Lusk, anchor brand.

Barron Brothers, range on head of Rawhide Creek, brand running M bar crazy M or running W, up and down.

H.W. and G.E. Oldin, range on head of Rawhide Creek, brand C open A.D.

Thos. R. Bruce, Dumont, Colo., range on Old Woman Creek, brand TV connected.

J.O. Evans, range on Runningwater from Lusk to Nebraska line, brand 11 bar 11, up and down.

Mrs. Josie Williams, range on Runningwater, brand running cross H.

Johnson Brothers, range on Buck Creek, brand XD.

The Nine Bar ranch of the Wolfe’s became famous in a few later years when a writer who was a relative wrote the story “When Cupid Came to the Nine Bar”. He was Wm. Leighton and many of his western stories appeared in the Saturday Evening Post.

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