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Lusk Memories, Bob Vollmer Part 4, by Doris Johnson

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/20/2006

Bob Vollmer Remembers: Talking taters and turkey

Years ago Niobrara County's population was a lot bigger. There were a lot of farmers in Niobrara County. The county was a certified potato seed place. Thousands of tons of potatoes were raised here. The kids were let out of school to pick spuds. They didn't have the fancy machines that they have these days.

People also raised turkeys. This time of year they started shipping turkeys for Thanksgiving. Kids were let out of school to help with the turkeys. The good turkeys had to have three feathers on the tip. If there was a mark on the chest or it was sunken, they were considered a cull. People bought a lot of turkeys because they were real cheap. When Bob Vollmer was in the Army during the holidays his base would be getting in turkeys. Because of his experience in the turkey trade, he knew the ones they were getting in were generally cull.

Writers note: on Dec. 12, 1929, according to The Lusk Herald, 3008 turkeys or 50,000 pounds was Niobrara County's contribution to the state of Massachusetts for the Christmas Feast.

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