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Indian Creek Pioneer Cemetery

Courtesy of Family Sources, 07/04/2020

By Margaret Chard and used with permission from her niece, Danese Reed


Two tiny graves on a hillside bleak

On the slope of a hill by Indian Creek.

Born to a wife young, and often alone

The father a freighter and not always home.

A small fence around the graves was put

To protect from wild beasts or a careless foot.

The mother died, saving another child

The father and son left for a place, not so wild.

Years rolled by, the fence was crushed down

Rain washed the soil and bushes grew around.

After many years nothing remained to show

That two tiny graves lay, 'neath cold and snow.

Only a few oldtimers remember, from stories retold

That two little graves the ground did enfold.

No one seemed to care, 'till a new owner's wife

Felt they should be marked, to show there'd been life.

And someone to ask the Father above

To Bless two tiny angels with his everlasting love.

And may our Father in heaven Bless someone who gave heed

For two tiny babies and remembered their need.

Two children of Albert and Bertha Erdmann are interred here.

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