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Aamodt, Stanley and Eleanor Family History

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 10/19/2020


by Eleanor Aamodt

Stanley H. Aamodt was born in Overly, N.D. to Christ and Olga Aamodt on Dec. 28, 1931. They lived on a farm until 1949, when they moved to Kellogg, Idaho, where Dad went to work for Bunker Hill Mining and Smelter.  Stan worked in the mines until  he entered the Army in 1952, and was  discharged in 1954.  He came to Wyoming to work for the Johnson Sisters at  the Cross A ranch in May 1955.

Eleanor F. Leimser was born July 8, 1939 to Joe Ben and Alice Leimser at Lusk, Wyo. I grew up in Lusk and attended the Lusk Grade and High Schools. In 1954, my Dad went to work for the Johnson Sisters on the Cross A and we moved to the country. I met Stan when he went to work at the same ranch.

We were married March 10, 1956 in Lusk, by Rev. Holcomb, the Baptist minister. We lived in Lusk until June, 1956 when we moved to Kellogg, Idaho. Stan went back to work  for Bunker Hill in the smelter.    Our daughter, Connie Ann was born in Wallace, Idaho March 9, 1957.  In April of 1957 we came back to Niobrara County.  Stan went to work for George Mill. We stayed there until March, 1960.  We moved to town and Stan worked that spring for Oscar Bostrom.  He went to work at the Western Repair Shop for W.W. Culver June 1, 1960, as a welder.   He worked here for 10 years.  In February, 1969 he opened his own welding shop under the name of Stan's Welding.  We operated this shop until we sold to Cresson Consolidated August, 1971.  They then opened Cresson Manufactory of which Stan is manager.   They manufacture C&P auto gates and do repair work.

We bought our home at 635 Barrett Blvd. in March of 1961. At this time I went to work as a nurses aid at the Spencer Hospital and worked part time for two years.  In March 1964 I went to work as a dental as­sistant for Dr. Larry McGarvin.  Worked for him until he left here January, 1968.

I worked in the office of our shop while we had it. In December, 1970 I went to work part time for Mountain Bell Telephone in the office.

After we moved into Lusk we became active members in the First Baptist Church. I taught Sunday School until 1970, was president of the Womens Council 1968-70, and Stan served on the Board of Trustees.

My hobby is collecting and restoring antiques. My Grandfather Archie Voorhees in­stilled in me at an early age the value of old items and keepsakes so I was collecting and saving before the "antique craze", became so wide spread.  I am a charter member of the Niobrara County Historical Society and enjoy working in this organization to preserve our history.

Our daughter, Connie, attended Lusk Grade School and is going to Lusk High School.  Incidentally, we both had the same first grade teacher, Miss Bessie Lumsden. She is very active in band, playing the flute and piccolo. She also took five years of piano lessons under Mrs. Helen Bardo.

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