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Bast, Matthew and Edith History

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/05/2020


by Mrs. W.T. Bredthauer

Matthew Peter Bast was born Nov. 11, 1890 in Glencoe, Minn. His parents were Mathias and Anna Bast. They came from Germany.  Matthew had one brother, John, of Provo, Utah and one sister, Rose Martin of Lusk, Wyo.  Both of them are deceased.

Matthew and Edith May Brooman were both working for Governor Carey, of Wyoming, when they met.  Matthew and Edith were married Feb.19, 1925 in Lusk. They lived on his homestead for 18 years. This homestead was about 30 miles north of Lusk. They milked many cows to help make a living. They moved to Lusk in June 1943.

"Matt", as he was called, passed away Jan. 20, 1970 and was buried in the Lusk Cemetery.

Edith May Bast was born Sept. 6, 1878.

She was the oldest child of William and Julia Brooman of Kent City, Mich., Kent County.   Other children in her family were: Charles, Walter, Harry, Willie, Lillian and Florence, all of which are deceased.

Her grandparents came from Sweden and her father was born soon after they landed in Flint, Mich.

Edith's grandfather worked for the government of Sweden.  He did something great for his country and was given the special name of Brooman by the king of Sweden.  This name would never be given to any other family in Sweden.  Her grand­father had three brothers; Charlie,  Oscar, and Jophanas.

After Edith's father died, her mother married again. Her name was Mrs. Julia McNally.  At the age of 98, she died at St. Mary's hospital, Grand Rapids, Mich, of burns suffered when her Algoma township, 
Kent County home was destroyed by fire, believed caused by an oil stove explosion. Mrs. McNally, who was in the kitchen when the blaze started at the two-story frame house on Camp Lake, was pulled from her burning home by a son, Charles Brooman, who lived next door to the McNally home.

Miss Edith May Brooman took nurses training at Grand Rapids. She completed her nurses training in 1908. She married Joseph Archie Manning at Lansing, Mich. Oct. 11, 1912.  He was a soldier in the war with Mexico.  Later they found that he had T.B. The Dr. advised him to be outdoors as much as possible, so they traveled by covered wagon to Afton, Wyo.

There they were in charge of the hospital of Afton from   
                                                           Since Joseph Manning was a soldier, he was buried at Fort Leavenworth.

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