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From a Pioneer Album - Shippen Family

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/14/1951

The Lusk Herald
From a Pioneer Album by June Willson

(This is the first of a series of features by Miss Wilson, Lusk High School student. She has been a member of the staff of the Spotlight, high school paper, and wanted to continue writing during the summer.)

Once upon a time (back in 1888) a family of four children and their two parents came to Wyoming in a covered wagon. This was the Shippen family. Mr. Shippen came out ahead of the rest, and homesteaded six miles south of Manville for about eight months.

The first home this family knew out in this new land, was one large room. In one end was an immense fireplace. The children often curled up before it, in the evening, chewing chunks of jerky (dried beef).

Chocolate and cocoa were almost unknown at that time. The Manville store got in a large supply of cocoa one time and was immediately rushed. A neighbor lady promised the Shippen children some cocoa the next time they came to visit. As few days later as possible, they went to visit. It was a good ten miles in cold weather. As they were removing the effects of travel, they sniffed the aroma of cooking cocoa in anticipation and soon all were in the kitchen.

Just before she served it, the lady stirred the cocoa with a curring iron. Seeing this the children took only enough cocoa to be polite. Needless to say, they were very disappointed in their first taste of cocoa.

The family had no horses for a team. A couple of bachelors had an old mare and a colt. The children sorted the potatoes for these two men and were given these horses. This comprised their first horse team, much to the delight of the children.

Ever hear of the Shippen Brothers Family Band? It was quite an organization at one time. It contained two fathers and their ten children. They were invited to play at many events around the country. Even at fairs in such faraway places as Nebraska. Mrs. Baughn, fourth from left, played alto horn, but was holding a cornet at the time the picture was taken.

So was the early life of Mrs. Jessie Baughn of Manville. She has many such memories of old Wyoming to which she came as a child.

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