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John E. Goddard, prominent rancher of the Hat Creek Community of Niobrara County is co-owner with Allen Sheridan of a fine ranching property of 9-10,000 acres, includ­ing many early homesteads, including Mr. Sheridans 1918 homestead and his mother's in 1914. They raise commercial grade Hereford cattle. Their brands include the Crown 5, Lazy A Lazy S, J Cross, Milk Stool, X Slash Lazy J, J Cross is Danny's and X Slash Lazy J is Maxine's.

John was born Aug. 6, 1911 in Niobrara County 18 miles from present home. One of the first babies born in the county.

Parents D.E. and Blanche E. Green Goddard were married in Houston, Tex. She was born in Texas and father in Alton, Kansas.

D.E. Goddard came to Wyoming in covered wagon and homesteaded 320 acres of present ranch in 1916.   First filing a claim in 1909, he operated the ranch until his death in 1935. Allen and John are step­ brothers.

John was a mechanic in W.W. II. Allen was born April 10, 1897 in Sisterville,

W. Va. to Joe and Effie Bowser Sheridan. He attended schools in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Nebraska and at Colorado Springs, Colo.   He was a veteran of W.W. I.

John's grandfather, Daniel E. Goddard served as U.S. Land Commissioner at Lusk, Wyo. assisting many families with their homesteading. D.E. Goddard came to Lusk in 1886 from Wellington, Surrey Co. England. His wife was from 7 Oaks, Kent Co. England.

Mr. Goddard was instrumental in the founding of St. Georges Episcopal Church of Lusk since he wanted a church of his own faith.  He was choirmaster and conducted services.

John E. Goddard attended schools in Niobrara county. He served with the U.S. Army in W.W. II for four years. Part of his service was spent off  Persian Gulf, and he made a complete trip around the globe, spending 51 days on water.

He married Evelyn Louise Heth, daughter of Max and Elsie Himes Heth on Dec. 23, 1949 in Gering, Nebr. She was born in Alliance, Nebr. as was her mother. He in Valentine, Nebr. and they were married in Alliance, Nebr. on March 17, 1921. They both homesteaded in Niobrara county previous to W.W. I.

The Goddards are parents of two children, Daniel Allen and Maxine Louise.

Both are 4-H members, Maxine was active in the school band. She played piccolo and flute and Danny the coronet and saxaphone.

Maxine married Tom Mitchell in Nebraska, on July 9, 1971. They had graduated from Niobrara County High School this spring of 1971 and plan to attend Chadron State College, in Chadron, Nebr. this fall.

Danny graduated from Niobrara County High School and attended Casper College in Casper, Wyo.

John Goddard was county commissioner for 16 years and was the chairman of the board, also chairman of the Welfare Board. A member of the American Legion, V.F.W., an Elk, she was a member of Rebekahs, and they are Episcopalians.

He takes pride in his civic responsi­bilities and is ever alert to whatever will be of benefit to his community.

He is a lifetime resident of the area.

He and his fine family have taken leading roles in the social life of the community.

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