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Bryant, Fred Alvin and Sylvania Howell

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 12/08/2020


by Burr and Winfred Bryant

Fred Alvin was born in Minburn, Iowa on June 21, 1895. He was the oldest son of John F. and Candis Bryant. He moved to Wyoming with his parents in 1911. He was 16 years old when his father and mother took up their homestead northwest of Hat Creek.   When he was old enough, he took up a homestead relinquishment. He proved up on it and made plans to marry Sylvania Howell.  As he was to leave for the Army shortly, their wedding plans were delayed until after the war.   Fred played fiddle and Sylvania used to say he would sit on his step in the evenings and play for her and she would listen from her home a half mile away across the prairie.    Fred and Sylvania were married at her mother's home by Rev. D.J. Clark with Zella Howell as maid of honor and John Bryant was best man.   The date was June 28, 1919.

To them were born seven children: Iris Cline of Grand Prairie, Tex.; Evelyn Enns, Costa Mesa, Calif.; Howell (Burr) who still lives on the home place; George was killed in the Pacific in World War II; John William of Riverton; Verva (Tiny) Crofutt of Lusk; and Donna Lee who died in infancy.

Fred's youngest brother, Elvin Jay (Ted) came to stay with them for awhile and lived with them for some years. He played guitar at dances with Fred. Ted is married to Betty Hull and lives in Powell, Wyo. with his family.     He worked for the Ohio Oil Company for many years until ill health forced him to retire.

Depression days made a lot of hardships and money was scarce. Fred played for dances and whatever was in the "hat" was divided among the musicians.  Once Fred and some others drove for miles in a wagon to play for a dance. They played all night, and when the hat was passed there was a curious assortment of nails, staples, a Rio car ornament, a ladies gar­ter and not even one penny.  Later on they played for a dance there and that time there was $27 in the hat.

When Evelyn was born on Feb. 3, 1922, the snow was so bad that they couldn't get a doctor, so Anna Jensen came to deliver the baby.

Through hard times and good times they worked and raised their family. They bought more land, a little piece at a time. The children went to school at Hat Creek and sometimes when the weather was bad they rode in a bob sled.  They went to high school in Lusk.

On June 28, 1959 Fred and Sylvania celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. In August, Sylvania passed away after sur­gery at the age of 58 years.

Fred moved to town and sold the ranch to Burr, the oldest son. Fred was later re­ married to Hattie Brown. They lived in Lusk until the time of his death in 1969.

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