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Hitshew, William Sheridan and Katie Hitshew

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 12/15/2020

Katie Hitshew was born March 16, 1877 in Germany.

William Sheridan Hitshew was born Oct. 6, 1864 in Tipton, Iowa. Sheridan (Sherd) came to Wyoming in January 1881 with brother George and wife and Col. Flemming. Sheridan moved to Lance Creek May 11, 1886. Sheridan and Katie rode horseback to Manville July 5, 1884 and were married by H.L. Higby.

They made their home with his parents and brothers on a ranch four miles north of Keeline for a time and later bought the ranch for himself and family.

Sherd was either in the sheep business with John Mills of Lost Springs for awhile or worked for him. Anyway he was in the sheep business and then sold out to have cattle.

Katie Sherd Hitshew had five children, four daughters and one son:

1. Ida Catherine Hitshew was born on the ranch Dec. 26, 1895, and was taught by her mother until she was ready to enter third grade in Manville. This made it necessary for a house to be built in Man­ville. A four room log house-all the rooms were small-where they lived until 1910 when the family moved to Lusk so their children could enter high school.  All Sherd Hitshew children graduated from the Lusk High School. All attended the Univer­ sity of Laramie. Ida taught school north of Lusk one year and taught at Keeline one year.

2. Stella Margaret Hitshew was born on the ranch four miles north of Keeline, Sept. 16, 1899. She started school in Manville and graduated from Lusk High School 1914. It was during high school that typing and shorthand was introduced. She was often called to the Land Commissioner's office, D.E. Goddard, to take shorthand and transcribe it. She attended the University of Wyoming, worked for the County Superin­tendent, Amy E. Christian, and then for the county clerk. While E.M. Phillips was Niobrara County Clerk, she was appointed Deputy County Clerk.

3. Elva Anita Hitshew was born on the ranch Oct. 6, 1902. She attended school in both Manville and Lusk, and the University of Wyoming. She opened a public stenogra­phers office in connection with John Harkins law office.

4. Juliana Hitshew was born in Man­ville, Feb. 6, 1906. She attended school in Manville and Lusk and graduated from Lusk High School in May 1923.  The com­mencement exercises were held in the Garden Theater with 15 graduating. She attended the University of Wyoming in the field of education. Her first school was teaching in the Node Consolidated school eight miles east of Lusk and later taught the fifth grade in Lusk two years.

5. John Wesley Hitshew was born in Lusk July 1, 1912. Sherd Hitshew was a policeman in Lusk at the time of John's birth. He attended school in Lusk, also the University of Wyoming.

    Sherd Hitshew was a policeman in Lusk for many years. At one time he and Grant Hitshew bought the garage from John Wesley Wolfe, the building now owned by Culver and Son.

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