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Keeline Homesteading Days

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/31/2020


by Dona Eddy, Bernice Cox, Clifford Cox

Rev. Crowel came to Wyoming and took a homestead about three and a half miles north­west of Keeline.

Their daughter was married and lived in Rochester, N.Y.  She sent her son Vernon Hart to be with his grandparents and attend Jireh College.

One of the most necessary needs, food and meat was to be had in the many jack-rabbits that abounded on the land if they had the means with which to kill or catch one.

Rev. Crowel having spied about three jacks in a draw walked to the home of James Dupes from whom he wished to borrow a shot­ gun. Unknown to him the shotgun was an automatic.  Mr. Dupes had explained how to put the shell in it. Rev. Crowel lined the sights up with a jack rabbit and pulled the trigger. The gun made a terrible noise and a shell flew out the side of the gun. Mr. Dupes had failed to tell him how it ejected the shell and fearing he had blown the gun up, Rev. Crowel headed for the Dupes home where he apologized for tearing up the gun and he didn't know what had happened and explained the best he could.  No person could be more relieved than Rev. Crowel when he found it was just the nature of an automatic shotgun.

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