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Wood, Sam Albert

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 01/07/2021


by Catherine Thomson

Will Gentry's mother and step-father, Ida and Sam Albert Wood followed Will and Ina to Wyoming. Also Will's half sister Helen. They filed on a homestead on Little Lightning Creek about 20 miles north west of Manville about 1914-15.  They built a little frame house which still stands on the bank of the creek. It was between Jones' and Lamb's. Sam passed away there in the winter of 1916-17. He was buried in the Gentry lot in Manville. Grandmother cooked for a while around the oil fields, then went back to Nebraska, and later to Seattle, Wash. She passed away there in January, 1934. She was cremated and the ashes returned to Manville to be buried with her husband's body. Helen married, becoming Mrs. George Thomas, and lived at Index, Wash. until she was drowned in a boat accident in the spring of 1973.  She is survived by one son, Jim, and two daughters besides her husband George.

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