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Manville Supply

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 01/07/2021


With fond recollections of "The Man­ ville Supply", that store and Postoffice in Manville, where folks came for miles a­ round, over prairie trails, for ranch supplies, the old hometown paper, and eager­ly looked for letters from "back East". It is no more, but sometimes when we pause there where it stood, a symbol of friendly helpfulness in a new country, that old hitch-rail seems to line up just south of the old store.

Black's team was there, Spaugh's "Cheyenne Cart",
And Willson's white-topped buggy, Card's men were in for ranch supplies From their place on the Muddy.

The riders all came into town With cold their faces tingled,
But all was smiles and glad hello, Their spurs with music jingled.

As on that old board-walk they stepped And hailed their friends in pleasant  greeting,

The trail's deep snow and cold was forgotten
When friend joined friend in happy meeting.

The wind on snow made faces glow,  As time went on those faces peeled When Spring had come in May or June,
Most all that sunburn would be healed.

All gathered at the store for mail, With fair exchange of views-

"How good the cattle looked right now, And were they losing any ewes?"

And running thru the talk always Was heard a wistful tone begin-­
The snow was going off at last? And were there any signs of Spring?

Oh, yes, on Little Lightening creek out north     
A Robin Red Breast had been seen, And down on Middle Creek at last The grass was getting plenty green.

The Spring was fair in this range country. The air was sweet with rare perfume 
Of flowers growing o'ver hill and valley, The familiar sagebrush all in bloom.

Tho' many years have fled away,  
Old friends are filed in mem'ry's book. When we turn those pages o'ver   
And greet faces seen in that old store.

And those gone on to that far country, Where all immortal hopes begin,     
May find their valley's bright with flowers And peaceful rest in soul's eternal spring.

--L. M. Rasmusen

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