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Smith, Olin and Blanche

Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 01/29/2021


by Eleanor Asmodt

(Information was received from Blanche Smith)

Olin Smith was born April 14, 1877 in Wisconsin. He came to South Dakota, met and married Blanche Voorhees on Sept. 4, 1901 in Wessington Springs, S.D.

Blanche Voorhees was born May 19, 1883 in Sumner, Iowa to Ezra and Alice Beeles Voorhees.  Later that year she came to Jerauld County, South Dakota with her parents to live on their homestead.

They had three children: Esther, born July 9, 1915 at a small cabin on Ezra Voorhees's place; Ross, born March 13, 1904 in Wessington Springs; and Gerald, born March 29, 1909 in Wessington Springs.

They came to Wyoming by train to Node on May 18, 1914. They filed on their home­stead in Goshen County May 20, 1914. They moved into a homestead shack (boards and tar paper covering). The shack was Blanche's sister Inez's, but at this time she was living with her brother, Archie on his place.

They lived on their place until 1926, when they shipped themselves and livestock to Thermopolis. They sold their homestead to the Harris Cattle Co. of Jay Em.

At Thermopolis they rented a place on Owl Creek for three years. In 1930, they moved on to a place on the river, raised garden truck, apples and vegetables. They sold milk to the dairy each day during 1927- 28.

Blanche belongs to the War Mothers in Thermopolis.  She had been very active in this organization and still attends meet­ings when possible.

Olin died April 4, 1962, and Blanche moved into an apartment joining her son, Rosses’ home. She lived here until she moved into the Pioneer Home at Thermopolis. She celebrated her 88th birthday last May 19, 1971.

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