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Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/26/1978

Remembers Warren Booster

Cottage Grove, Oregon
Dec. 12, 1978

Dear Friends at the Herald,

Enclosed is a check for my renewal for another year.

I read the write up on "The History of Newspapers at Lusk". Thanks to Helen Veirs for a good story.

She mentioned the Warren Booster. I remember it well. I do not remember who the publisher was, and I don't think it lasted too long, but I know there was a post office called, "The Warren Booster." It was located on the west side of the road that turns off U.S. 85 at Red Bird and goes to the Bright Post Office.

I know there was a post office at the Warren Booster for in the late winter of 1921 I carried a first class mail bag from the Pete Petersen ranch to the Booster. I was just a 16 or 17 year old kid driving a small horse and a donkey hitched to a high two-wheeled cart on roads that were rough and the weather was cold. I didn't get back to the ranch until after dark. The roads were so bad that Pete used to leave home, go to Lusk, get the mail bags and made fast for the home ranch. The next day I took the mail on to Warren where Old Joe Bright was the postmaster then.

There was so much confusion with mail getting missent to Ft. Francis E. Warren at Cheyenne, that the name of the post office was changed to "Bright."

One thing I remember about the Booster Post Office was one day when I was helping the postmaster sort out the second class mail, someone had sent a five pound can of honey with friction tape holding the lid in place. The lid had gotten loose and what a sticky mess in the mail bag.

I grew up on Old Woman Creek, lived there from 1917 till 1929 when I moved to Lusk, and in 1936 I moved on to Oregon. The Pete Petersen ranch was on Old Woman Creek opposite the Three Ant Hills as they were called. As I remember, there was oil discovered there. I hope to live long enough to make it back there someday. I got a ruptured blood vessel in my right eye a year ago; it is clearing up, but slowly.

Keep the Herald coming.


Walter T. Prelle

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