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From a Pioneer Album - Isobel Willson

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/21/1951

From a Pioneer Album by June Willson

Mrs. Isobel (Isabel) Willson, who was then Isobel (Isabel) Mack, made her first visit to Wyoming, in about 1873, with her father. They came to visit with the Hunters, at Pine Bluffs, Marion Hunter became a lifelong friend. Mrs. Willson last saw her in Denver about seven years ago.

In 1890 she and new husband settled down to Wyoming life. At first they lived in a snug little cabin. Later the large house was built, and the bride and groom moved in.

When the lumber for the new house arrived, the Railroad told Mr. Willson to have it unloaded in an hour. Being alone, this was almost impossible. So he went to Manville and posted a sign, which said that he would pay a dollar to any man, who would come and help unload. When the train arrived, nearly every man in Manville turned out. After spending a little over an hour, the car was unloaded and on its way.

Eugene Willson was fond of pie. Isobel had never made any. She decided that she could do it. She had a good recipe and some dried apples and apricots, so one day she went to work. Her pie dough was nice and she put the apples and apricots in (without soaking).

By the time she pulled the seven pies out of the oven the men were smelling the air hungrily. There was pie for supper, but after one bite, no one took a second. Trying to get rid of them was a problem. The sheepherder's only comment was a disdainful sniff. Even the dogs and cats refused to touch them. Eventually by feeding them to the chickens and burying the last few, they got rid of them and things returned to normal.

After 60 years of full and eventful life in this locality, Mrs. Isobel Willson says that it has been very delightful. Even though one didn't travel very far and stayed home most of the time, there was plenty to do right there.

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Picture courtesy of Anne Willson Whitehead, author of Willson Brothers Running Water Ranch: The Homestead Cabin Story

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