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Courtesy of Our Heritage: Niobrarans and Neighbors, 02/28/2022

By Elaine Keifer


By Elaine Keifer

Michael F. Kieffer was born in Midwest, Wyo. Feb. 9, 1920. Elaine was born in Douglas Nov. 2, 1921 and moved with her family, A.B. and Grace Mills, to Lusk in 1926 to start the Irwin, Mills Hardware Store.

Michael and Elaine were married Oct. 8, 1941 and have two daughters - Mrs. Patricia J. Long and Mrs. Kathryn s. McConnell.

Mike served in the Navy from 1943 to 1945.

Elaine started to school in Lusk in 1926.

Mrs. Lou Bass was the first grade teacher. She graduated in 1939 -- all 12 years were spent in Lusk. The grade school was on the hill on Main Street before you reach downtown. The high school was across the street from the Scace house. Some classmates were: Norris Hartwell, Tom Costlow, Betty K. Fernau, Claude and Dale Redding, Voyne Morgan, Jane Fagan Chester. Mike went all 12 years at Midwest, Wyo.

Elaine's father, A.B. Mills, was the postmaster in Lusk from 1934 - 1956. He succeeded Rubin Faulk. The post office was on Main Street in the Irwin Building. At one time the Quality Shop was in the front and Bill Tate's Barber Shop and Dr. Tom Ward's dentist office were upstairs.

Our home was one block east of the Standard Station and we walked a block to the Congregational Church, a block downtown and 1-1/2 blocks to high school, and a block to the library.

We had a Ford, usually, but used it little because of our wonderful location and partly because when it snowed the car was "snowed in" for about 8 months in the winter.

We were members of the Congregational Church and at one time mother was president of the Ladies Circle. Dad was on the Church

My brother Dick was the church janitor and I taught in the Sunday School. Rev.Jenkins was a big influence in my early teens with church camp and scouts and his music instruction. My father is buried in the Lusk cemetery.

My friend's father was Sheriff  Bill Hassed. He locked his daughter, Helen, and I in the ladies ward one night (at our request) which to this day surprises people when I tell them I spent a night in jail. Mr. DeCastro was the night constable for years when I was very young.

Doc Reckling was our friend and family doctor.

One time I called long distance and told the operator I wanted to call Lorraine Divver in Lance Creek. The operator said, "Elaine, don't call her, I just saw her sitting in her car in front of Pop's Diner." This is what I love and miss about my home town.

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