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Bids to Be Called on New School Buildings

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/04/1952

At a special meeting Monday evening the Niobrara County Board of education gave final approval to plans for the new Niobrara County High School building and decided to start advertising for bids for construction in three weeks. According to present plans, bids will be opened Feb. 12.

Eugene Sternberg, architect, advised that he would have the plans and specification ready for contractors by that time. Because of the size if the job it is felt by the Board that six to eight weeks should be allowed after the date of the first advertisement for the general contractors to study the working drawings and specifications and prepare their bids.

Construction bids on the elementary addition to the present Lusk High School will be applied for at the same time. Contractors will be given the choice of bidding on either or both projects.

Within the last few days word has been received in the District office of the approval of the Government Allocation Board for the balance of the steel needed for the elementary addition. Allocations have not yet been received for the high school building because it is necessary to complete plans and specifications so the exact amounts needed can be determined.


The new high school building will be entirely contemporary with a complete state-approved home economics department, a large library, combined with study halls, music department especially designed for good acoustics and equipped with small practice cubicles. 

There will be 11 class rooms in the main part of the building and two additional classrooms in the vocational agriculture and industrial arts wing.

In the basement is a complete kitchen with large lunch room. Also in the basement will be lockers, showers and toilet facilities to be used in connections with outdoor sports and activities.

There is plenty of storage space throughout the building. The exterior is designed with concrete brick and glass. 

Mr. Sternberg met with the Board Monday evening. Consultations were held with faculty members of the science, commerce, vocational agriculture and home economics departments and with L. E. Johnsonbaugh, principal. Final approval was given to the many details discussed and recommended by various faculty members.

Several routine matters were handled during the evening. the next meeting of the Board will be the regular meeting for December on the 11th. 


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