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New Buildings and Better Facilities To Greet Niobrara Students Tuesday

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/02/1954

When the schools throughout Niobrara County open Tuesday morning, Sept. 7, many pupils will be greeted by new and pleasant sights as since school let out last spring the county has moved ahead as never before in providing new and improved facilities . Foremost among the improvements are the new Niobrara County High School building and the addition to the former Lusk High School to convert it into an elementary school.

The feature attraction for students entering high school this fall is the new Niobrara County High School building which has been erected in the west portion of Lusk. The pre-registration for Niobrara County High School shows that there will be 271 students which will include 60 seniors, 66 juniors, 81 sophomores and 64 freshmen. Some change in the size of the enrollment is expected and a slight increase is anticipated.


Every effort is being made to make all students feel that they are part of the new school. An orientation program will be held for all NCHS students during the afternoon. The location of the program has not yet been determined as there is not enough room in any one spot in the school to get all the students together. If the weather permits it is likely it will be held outside.The program is under the direction of Rex Yocum. The purpose of the program is to get the students and faculty acquainted. Principal Floyd Hart also pointed out this week that the program is a positive approach to the initiation problem. He stressed that here would be no other initiation.

A 25-page handbook has been completed for issuance to all high school students. It gives information on the schedule of classes, the course offering, details on attendance, conduct, use of facilities and activities . the purpose of the book is to help the new students understand the procedures and plans of the  new school.


Four main courses of study will be offered at the new school, and they are: college preparatory, business curriculum, vocational curriculum, and general graduation. Principal Floyd Hart states that "it is unusual for more than one-half of the graduates to attend college, and it is therefore of greater value to most students to offer courses of practical use to them. 

Of course, for those who are preparing for college the traditional academic subjects are available."

The new and improved facilities are expected to do much for many courses. Especially is this true of the industrial arts and agriculture programs which are housed in an new and modern separate building. The building is connected to the main school by a covered walk. It was in use for part of last year as it was rushed to completion.

Other courses that will greatly benefit by the new facilities are the physics, chemistry and science classes as two laboratories have been included in the new building. The home economics wing of the building is used only for that course and the department has much new equipment. 

At the Niobrara County High School a program of varied activities is being offered. Included in the activities in which the student may take part are: a full program of vocal and instrumental music; athletics, both varsity and infra-mural; dramatics; Future Farmers of America; Future Home Makers of America; National Honor Society; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Latin Club; student council; annual, and student newspaper.

Parents as well as students are reminded that book deposits of $1.50 will be required of every NCHS student and it must be paid at the opening of school. The deposit will be returned if students take responsible care of their books, lockers and other equipment, Expenses for unnecessary damages will be deducted from the deposit. 


 The attention of all students attending the Niobrara county High School and the Lusk Grade School is called to the fact that the cafeterias will not be operating the first day. It is thought that the cafeterias will be open the second day of school, but a definite announcement will be made during the first day at the schools.

When the cafeterias do open $1.00 for five meals will be charged at the Lusk Grade school and $1.25 for five meals at the Niobrara County High School. Mrs. Bert Brown and Mrs. Art Rathbun are in charge of the high school program and Mrs. Roger Cowell and Mrs. Albert Meier are in charge of the grade school program.

During the lunch period at NCHS a recreation will be organized. However as no auditorium or gym is available it will be difficulty to organize certain popular types of recreation.Some new playground equipment will be purchased. 

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