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Fire: White Elephant Restaurant

Courtesy of Converse County Herald, 10/14/1897

Converse County Herald, October 14, 1897

The meanest man on earth--the incendarian--has again got in his work on Lusk, but not satisfactorily to himself. Last Friday night at about half past one, the White Eephant Restaurant was discovered on fire, and to say it was set  purposely no one can deny.  Rags and kindling wood saturated with kerosene were found where the fire was started is indisputable evidence. What the motive was we are unable to say, but if it was to destroy the restaurant all are glad it failed, for certainly the place is a credit to the town. Some think it was set to get insurance, some for revenge and a half dozen other things, but no one only the party who did the work knows anything about it.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, who conduct the restaurant , were awakened by the crackling of the fire and fought the demon in their night clothes and gave the alarm at the same time. L. Johnson fired off a six-shooter several times and 15 minutes later thereafter the building was surrounded with both men and women who fought the flames heroically until they were extinguished. All hands did good work and Mr. and Mrs. Stevens wish to express many thanks to those who worked so faithfully thus succeeding in saving their place of business and household effects. 

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