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Quilt Squares - Dell's Yellow Hotel

Courtesy of Library Archives, 01/05/2024

Dell's Yellow Hotel was recreated as a quilt square by The Bag Ladies for their Historic Quilt in 2001.

Dell Burke learned of Wyoming's oil boom while living in Alaska and followed the trail of money to Wyoming. Dell and a friend, Bessie Housley, bought a yellow two-story stucco structure and called it "Dell Burke's Yellow Hotel." The hotel, located at 219 West First Street, had a center hall on the first floor with a west side waiting room, ballroom, bar, toilet, and laundry room and a modest apartment for Dell. Upstairs were 10 bedrooms equipped with sinks, low watt lamps and wrought-iron beds. In 1929, when the city built an electric power plant, Dell bought the bonds. she lent money to the city to maintain services during the depression. Dell's Yellow Hotel still stands, abandoned at its' original location.

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