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Quilt Squares - Lusk High School, 1929

Courtesy of Library Archives, 01/08/2024

Lusk High School, 1929 was recreated as a quilt square by The Bag Ladies for their Historic Quilt in 2001.

The Lusk High School was built on Maple and Fifth about 1930. In 1956, when the new high school was built in the west part of town, the old school was used for grade school children. An addition was made to the north of the building about 1985. The school had seen better days, so it was demolished in the mid 1980's to make way for a new elementary and middle school (LEMS) building. Sentiment for the old Lusk High School was high and many supporters bought bricks for mementos. The remains of the old school are now buried under the grass in front of the LEMS. 

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