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Quilt Squares - Gerald Bardo House

Courtesy of Library Archives, 01/08/2024

Gerald Bardo House was recreated as a quilt square by The Bag Ladies for their Historic Quilt in 2001.

This house at 309 S. Elm Street, is now the home of Gerald and Jane Bardo and dates to approximately 1900. Gerald and Jane Bardo purchased it from the Amy Christian Estate. Amy's brother, Andy, was the administrator of the estate and lived in the house alone for a time, before selling it to the Bardo family.  He didn't leave the house but instead lived in the back apartment for 30 y ears. His only stipulation to the Bardos when they purchased the home was they they had to love the garden as his sister had been an avid gardener. Gerry Bardo was also fond of gardening when he could take time from his job as publisher for The Lusk Herald. 

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