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Quilt Squares - C & H Refinery

Courtesy of Library Archives, 01/08/2024

C & H Refinery was recreated as a quilt square by The Bag Ladies for their Historic Quilt in 2001.

The refinery was established in 1933 by partners James Hoblit and Roy Chamberlain. Crude oil was delivered by pipe line and truck, furnished by Ohio Oil Co., from Lance Creek. The refinery delivered to the Silver Top Refinery near Torrington, to Chadron, Crawford, Scottsbluff, NE., and Hot Springs. SD., as well as to the local people. In 1936 Mr. Chamberlain bought the Ranger Hotel and sold his interest in the refinery. The business was sold again in 1974 to Tesoro Oil Co., and the C & H Refinery closed in 1975. Pakistani native Zahir Kablid bought the refinery in 1999, hoping to restore it to a working refinery. The building currently stands empty. 

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