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West End Gossip by Edward R. Snoop

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/01/1986

"Ed Snoop" remembered by Lusk Herald reader
by Vesta Thomas

Sept. 13 marked the death of Gerald (Mick) Coen. I believe it is fitting at this time to recall and review a phase of his life that brought enjoyment to many people.

Some 15 or more years ago, a feature appeared in the Lusk Herald called "West End Gossip" by Edward R. Snoop. For a long time no on knew who Mr. Snoop was. People in the Keeline area were rather careful of their behavior for fear that Mr. Snoop might write them up.

Tucked in with the usual run of neighborhood news, little unusual stories began to appear. It was these humorous and cleverly written little stories that attracted the attention of the Herald readers.

I've heard many people say that the "West End Gossip" was the first article they would read when they received their paper. He never willingly hurt anyone but there were a few folks who would rather laugh at someone else than themselves.

Mick (Garold Gibson Coen) was Edward G. Snoop.

His was a special talent. After he quit writing his news item I saw a letter he had received from a large news media commending him on his special ability and style of writing. Unfortunately the letter is not available here but here is an example of a few letters he received:

"I always enjoy the West End Gossip and look forward to reading it but the West End Gossip dated Oct. 27 was unusually praiseworthy. Congratulations."

"Congratulations to Ed Snoop on his article in the West End Gossip regarding the Moratorium Day ceremonies. I do hope that he doesn't mind that I've borrowed it. I sent a letter to the editor of the Billings Gazette quoting the full contents of the article and apparently they agreed that it was worthy of being re-printed. Attached is a copy of the article as it appeared in the Billings Gazette yesterday - Veterans Day."

"I have been absolutely amazed at the reaction over it. Friends and acquaintances by the dozens have called me praising the article and I have had calls from complete strangers saying that the article presented their views on the subject and thanking me for sending it to the paper."

So that new readers can enjoy the humor of his stories and old friends can again remember, I will submit a few original items.


Made it Through Another Thanksgiving

I doubt if there will be much news this week. I was unable to do any snoopin' around, in fact I have been down right "Puny" since Thanksgiving. I had a hectic night, had one of the "Turkey nightmares."

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my folks, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Coen of Lusk. Upon returning home, was beginning to feel uncomfortable, and was frightened that maybe I was another victim of "Lusk Disease" or an advanced case of "Arbuckle thumps" as I had several cups of coffee at the Lusk Coffeeteria. I finally did get to sleep but the nightmare stuck, and I was having a terrific battle with two huge turkey gobblers.

I either knocked one of them out with a club, anyway he suddenly lost his taste for "Human Drumstick" before I conquered another one. I awoke with chills and a bad case of "trembles." I staggered to the medicine chest and took nearly a full roll of "tums" but was afraid to go to sleep for fear of a rerun of my nightmare, but there was no rerun.

Only the Names Have Been Left Out

There is a gent in the West End that is hung up on exercising. He tears catalogs apart, lifts weights, makes horseshoes out of steel rods, straightenss horseshoes and some say they have seen him play "tidley winks" with stove lids.

One day last week he was in an affectionate mood and hugged his wife - maybe not too well, but tight. Shortly after, she complained of a pain in her rib section, and consulted a doctor. X-rays were taken - the poor dear suffered a broken rib.

This long suffering wife has convinced her spouse to change his exercise. If you see him running cross country he isn't chasing antelope or rabbits; he has taken up jogging.

Expecting Junior Partner

Heline and Dick, senior partners of the Kane corporation, are still expecting the arrival of their junior partner of partners. If he is a male, he will be known as Archanslacker Magillicuddy, if it is a female, she will be known as Mahitabelle Petunia. We are all anxiously awaiting the blessed event.

My late husband and I were often willing victims of Mick's rare humor. I wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Mr. Edward R. Snoop, Mick Coen, who wrote the West End Gossip. Many others who enjoyed his articles will add their praise.

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