Swanson (Ernest & Lena) Family Memories

Last updated: January 23, 2018

Family Sources
January 23, 2018

Click here for "Memories of Mom and Dad" written by Dorthy Swanson Sorenson, oldest of three daughters born to Ernest and Lena Swanson. This account is of her eight years in Nebraska and Wyoming.

Ernest and Lena Swanson married on 12/28/1921

They moved to western Nebraska in March of 1927

Alice was born December 1, 1928

The family moved to Wyoming in January of 1929

Bonnie was born in Lusk, 21 miles from the ranch, November 19, 1933

They moved to a smaller ranch near Manville in March of 1934

They returned to Iowa, where Ernest and Lena lived out the rest of their lives in 1935

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