WYLD Card Policy

WYLD Card Policy

This policy was updated and approved by the Governing Board on March 8, 2016.

Libraries within the WYLD System are required to participate in statewide borrowing and lending to patrons holding WYLD library cards. The purpose of this policy is to insure uniform borrowing standards that will enable Wyoming patrons to use the facilities of any cooperating library in Wyoming. Individual libraries may approve more lenient policies.

Public WYLD Libraries should only issue permanent cards to county residents. Libraries seeking to issue permanent cards to non-Wyoming residents should call the State Librarian for guidance.

Borrowing from another WYLD library:

Wyoming patrons are allowed to borrow from any WYLD library, regardless of residence, if they meet the following criteria:
a. Are at least 18 years old (or younger, if approved by the lending library).
b. Have a patron record in WYLD, and a Wyoming library card.
c. The lending library may accept a photo ID in lieu of a library card if the photo ID contains information matching the patron record.

The Wyoming State Librarian is the official custodian of WYLD patron records, with the patron’s home library recognized as having the primary responsibility and right to manage the record in accordance with their local policy. Because patrons must use a library card and PIN for entering interlibrary loan transactions and for authenticating to a library’s databases, it is assumed that a patron may have multiple library cards to match multiple affiliations. E.g. a public library card from his or her home county, a college library card if taking college classes, a school library card if in high school, a special library card.

When taking ownership (overlaying) of another library’s patron record, it is critical that both the patron and the library profile information be updated to reflect the new library’s policies. Please refer to Updating Library Ownership (Overlaying) Technote for the procedures.

Public WYLD libraries are strongly encouraged to support each other to the utmost of their ability by not issuing new cards and by refusing service to patrons who are delinquent with other libraries because of fines, fees, overdue or damaged materials. As part of the service provided to enrolled students, academic, and school libraries issue cards to students in good standing and therefore are exempt from this requirement.

WYLD libraries collect fines or fees from non-resident patrons using the following guidelines:
a. Libraries may collect fines from a non-resident patron if the amount is $5.00 or
less. They will not be responsible for forwarding the money to the patron’s home library.
b. If a non-resident patron has fines or fees over $5.00 the library may, at its
discretion, accept payment and forward it to the library where the fines are owed. If payment is accepted for lost or damaged materials, a print or other record of the titles and barcodes of the items being paid for must be enclosed with payment. It is recommended that this be done especially when the patron is willing to make out a check payable to the library where the fines are owed which can then be mailed directly.
c. If a non-resident patron has fines or fees over $5.00 the library may choose to notify the non-resident patron of the charges and give the patron contact information for the library charging the fines or fees.
d. Patrons owing large fines or fees to academic libraries should contact the library directly to pay the charges so that the amount can be correctly removed from other academic accounts.

Libraries agree to lend at least two books to a patron from any other WYLD library. Actual lending limits on numbers and types of materials will vary from library to library.

Libraries must inform patrons of this WYLD Card Policy and of the minimum standards they can expect to encounter statewide. They must also be informed of applicable individual library policies, which may vary from library to library.

WYLD libraries must update the address and phone number of a non-resident patron using their library. When this information is updated, a note should be put in the note field informing the home library of this update so it can be verified in accordance with local policies. The note should include the date, staff initials and library where the update was done. For example: ‘Address/phone updated, 2/6/16 vh CARB.’ As a courtesy, an email should be sent to the home library informing staff of the change.

Libraries must inform the borrower that he/she is responsible for returning materials to a WYLD library and that overdue notices and fines will be generated from the lending library.

Returned materials will be discharged and returned as soon as possible to the lending library at no cost to the patron, ensuring a true state-wide borrowing policy.

The WYLD office will be asked to help keep statistics on statewide borrowing to be used in reevaluating these policies.

Public Libraries will attempt to recover overdue materials in accordance with their own policies and Wyoming Statute 18-7-105(c) which states ‘Holders of library cards are responsible for all library materials borrowed on such cards. Whenever library materials are lost, destroyed, or taken from the library and not returned the library board may institute proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction to recover the materials or the value thereof.’ Academic, school, and special libraries will follow their own policies for recovering materials. 13. The University of Wyoming (UW) supports the idea of statewide borrowing privileges. However, the WYLD system and the UW system do not share circulation or patron information, so provisions must be made to work around the respective systems. Outside of local residents or those that routinely visit Laramie, the best way to borrow from UW is through the borrower’s local Interlibrary Loan.

University of Wyoming Libraries are open to all Wyoming residents. A UW library card may be obtained by presenting a Wyoming driver’s license and supplying the necessary registration information. Free library cards are also issued to Alumni Association members, Wyoming corporations, Wyoming minors (with parental permission slip), participants in on-campus workshops, and reciprocal borrowing agreement patrons. There is a charge of $10 per year for non-Wyoming residents, non-Wyoming minors, and non-Wyoming corporations.