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Jack Jeters Jr.

(12/19/1919 - 12/12/1954)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 12/16/1954

Jack Jeters, 35, Resident of Lusk Since September, Dies When Car Fails to Make Curve on Highway 20 Sunday

Jack Jeters, employee of the Continental Core Drilling Company, operating out of this city, met instant death last Sunday afternoon about 2:00 0'clock when the 1947 Chrysler sedan in which he and his six year old son, Jackie were riding westward, missed a sharp curve three miles west of Shawnee and crashed after it left the highway.

News of the mishap was phoned to Highway Patrol Cpl. M. S. Jordan by George Miller, a former Lusk resident, who was at the scene shortly after the crash occurred. Mr. and Mrs. George Walker of north of this city were first to reach the accident site.

Patrolman Jordan headed for the accident location, meanwhile, calling Dan Webster, Converse County patrolman, who investigated and made the official report. Converse County Coroner, Cecil Stark also was called to the scene, and since the victim resided here, turned the remains over to Geo. Earl Peet of the Peet Mortuary.

According to the official report of the mishap, the car after leaving the hard surface of the right side, upset and rolled over four and one -half times over a distance of 420 feet, stopping on its top. Jeters was apparently thrown out of and in front of the machine, as his body was pinioned cross wise underneath the sedan. A later examination showed that he had suffered a crushed chest and internal injuries. He was dead when the first passerby came upon the accident scene.

The son, Jackie, however, remained inside the car throughout the careening and was climbing out of one of the windows when help arrived. He was brought to Lusk and hospitalized for examination but was found to have no serious hurts. The car was a total loss.

News of the tragedy was conveyed to Mrs. Jeters as soon as possible after the accident and she was overcome with shock and grief, and required attention of a physician.

Later Mrs. Jeters called her sister, Mrs. Dallas Pruitt of Seymour, Tex. and she flew to Casper that night, being brought overland to Douglas by State Highway Patrol Sgt. Best, and from Douglas to Lusk by Patrolman Jordan.

The remains of the victim were taken to Douglas Tuesday and were shipped by rail from that point to Seymour, Tex., where funeral services and interment were to take place. Mrs. Jeters and sons and Mrs. Pruitt left here Wednesday morning for Seymour. Jeters' 35th birthday and anniversary would have been observed this coming Sunday, December 19th, it was learned from relatives.

The Lusk Herald
December 16, 1954
Jack Jeter Killed in Auto Accident Near Shawnee Sun.

Jack Jeter, Jr. of Seymour, Tex. was killed instantly about 2:00 Sunday afternoon when the 1947 Chrysler he was driving left Highway 20 three miles west of Shawnee and rolled over three and a half times. Jeter was thrown from the automobile and the car came to rest on his body.

Mr. Jeter's seven year old son, Jackie, was with him at the time of the accident but escaped serious injury. Mr. Jeter had been working for the Continental Core Drilling Co. which is stationed in Lusk but (was preparing) to move to Farmington, New Mexico.

Prior to the accident Mr. Jeter had stopped beside the Highway near Lost Springs and was having difficulty getting back on the road when George Walker of Lusk happened along and helped get the car back on the black top. Mr. Walker reports that Jeter soon passed him but was driving a reasonable speed and doing a "creditable" job of driving.

Only a few minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Walker came on the scene of the accident which he describes as a most heart rending scene. Jackie was crying beside the overturned car with his dead father's feet sticking out.

Jackie was brought to the Spencer Hospital in Lusk by Mrs. Walker and Mrs. George Miller. Mr. and Mrs. George Miller of Casper and formerly of Lusk stopped at the scene of the accident shortly after Walkers. Mr. Walker and Mrs. Miller helped lift the car off Jeter.

Evidently Jeter missed a curve and in turning over the three and a half times the car traveled a distance of 420 feet. The car was a total loss.

Jeter was brought to Lusk and his remains were shipped to Texas Tuesday for funeral services and burial. Jeter was 34 at the time of the accident and would have been 35 Sunday, Dec. 19. He is survived by his wife Elsie and two children.

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