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George D. Kuns

(02/11/1899 - 01/07/1972)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/13/1972

George Kuns, 72, Dies Friday in Youngtown, Ariz.

George D. Kuns, 72, of Sun City, Ariz., died Friday, Jan. 7 at the Valley View Community Hospital in Youngtown, Ariz.

Mr. Kuns was born in Forest City, Iowa, and came to Sun City in 1961 from Lusk where he operated the Pioneer Court for 13 years. Prior to that time he was a barber.

Mr. Kuns was a charter member of Lusk Elks Lodge 1797 and served on the board of directors for several years. Always active in community events he was president of the Lusk Chamber of Commerce for 2 years. In the 1930's Mr. Kuns coached boxing in the Lusk High School.

He is survived by his wife Alvina (Al), two brothers in Iowa and nieces and nephews.

Funeral service was held Monday, Jan. 10, with an 8:00 a.m. Mass at St. Joachim Catholic Church in Sun City and burial in Sunland Memorial Park. Mrs. Kuns has asked that memorials be made to the Niobrara Memorial Hospital or any charitable organization. Her address is 10728 Sun City Blvd., Sun City, Ariz.

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