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Carrie Lingwood Lenz

(12/21/1891 - 11/12/1972)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/23/1972

Services Last Thursday for Mrs. Carrie Lenz, Niobrara Homesteader

Funeral service was held November 16 at the Peet Chapel in Lusk at 2:00 p.m. for Mrs. Carrie Lingwood Lenz. The Rev. Beauferd Anderson conducted the service. Mrs. Sigmund Hahn accompanied singers, Nancy and Judy Lange, Judy Hahn, Coleen Leno, Robert Doctor and Charles Bredthauer, as they sang "I'm But A Stranger Here" and "I Know That My Redeemer Lives."

Honorary pallbearers were William Miller, Martin Glandt, Archie Lauer, Harry Fernau Jr., Fred Hansen, Charles Heumier, Walter Klemke, Ray Taylor, Clark McConaughey, Herman "Dick" Glandt and Ernie Hansen.

Casket bearers were Lee James, Newton Hester, Walter Reed, Bill Smith, Rodwick Geisinger and Robert Templeton. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Carrie (Kari) Gubhagen Galstad was born December 21, 1891, at Vaga, Norway, the first daughter of Torsten Olsen Gubhagen. She grew up on the Galstad Farms near Vaga. Three brothers Carl, Olie and Amund preceded her to the United States. Carrie followed in 1910 at the age of nineteen joining her brothers in Andrews, Neb., a community that no longer exists. The three brothers, feeling that Galstad was too difficult to pronounce, changed their last name to Thurstonson. When Kari came to the U. S. she also changed the spelling of Kari to Carrie which, she felt, made her more American.

December 29, 1913, she married Lewis Lingwood at Andrews. Lingwood was a section foreman on the Chicago Northwestern Railroad, living along the railroad from Node to Douglas. Among the early homesteaders in Niobrara County Mr. and Mrs. Lingwood moved onto their homestead 7 1/2 miles north of Lusk. She lived there for seven months each year for three years in a shack built into a side of a hill. She improved the land, grew a garden and raised a few cows. Ralph Lingwood and Alma Lingwood (Mrs. Oscar) Bostrom were born during these early years.

Both young children lived with their mother on the homestead after Mr. Lingwood died of blood poisoning July 4, 1918. Mrs. Lingwood worked for Jacob Mill and at the Coffey-Tinnen ranches. Around this time the house that now stands on the Lenz ranch was built.

April 26, 1925, Mrs. Lingwood married Henry C. Lenz in Jay Em. The couple had four children, Fern Lenz (Mrs. Don Taylor), Richard, Hugo and Gene. Mr. and Mrs. Lenz lived for a short time in Jay Em and in 1926 moved to the homeplace north of Lusk where they lived except for a period from 1935-1944 when they lived in Lusk.

In October 1967 Mrs. Lenz returned to her homeland, Norway. She spent three weeks visiting her two sisters, Anna Galstad and Thia Krogstad and several nephews. This was her first visit since leaving in 1910.

Mrs. Lenz was a member of the Lutheran Church her entire life and a memorial has been set up for St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in her memory.

Survivors included her six children, Mrs. Oscar Bostrom, Loveland, Ralph Lingwood, Boulder, Mrs. Don Taylor, Aztec, N. M., Richard and Gene Lenz, Lusk, and Hugo Lenz, Wheatland. There are 24 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren and her two sisters in Norway and many nieces and nephews. Her parents, three brothers and two husbands died previously.

The Lusk Herald
November 16, 1972
Funeral This Thursday for Carrie Lenz

Funeral service for Mrs. Carrie Lingwood Lenz, 80, will be held at the Peet Chapel this Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

Mrs. Lenz was born December 21, 1891 at Vaga, Norway, and died at the Goshen County Memorial Hospital November 12.

Surviving are her children Ralph Lingwood, Boulder, Colo., Mrs. Alma Bostrom, Loveland, Colo., Mrs. Fern Taylor, Aztec, N.M., Richard and Gene Lenz, Lusk and Hugo Lenz, Wheatland.

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