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Sarah J. Root

(09/23/1842 - 01/25/1929)
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Mrs. B.A. Root, Pioneer, Passes Away at 86 Yr.

Mrs. B.A. Root, widow of the late Judge B.A. Root, both of whom were early pioneers of this section of Wyoming, passed away at her home here last Friday evening, January 25, at the age of 86 years, 4 months and 2 days.

Mrs. Root had been in declining health for some time, and for the past few days previous to her passing, had failed rapidly.

Services were held at the Baptist Church Sunday afternoon, with Rev. B.F. Farrar officiating.

Internment was made in the Lusk Cemetery, arrangements being in charge of the Peet Funeral Parlors. R.I. Olinger, J.D. Lorenzen, George Saffel, A.L. Miller, and H.B. Hargraves acted as pallbearers.

Appropriate hymns were rendered by a choir composed of Mesdames A.E. Cornet and B.F. Farrar, the Misses Erline and Irline Frances and Mable Knittle and J.W. Higgins. "List to the Voice" was also rendered as a duet by the Misses Frances.


Sarah J. Baker was born at South Royalton, Vermont, on September 23, 1842. There she grew to womanhood and was married to Benjamin A. Root on December 1, 1864. Mr. Root was a soldier during the Civil War, and came West there after settling in Iowa in 1878, where the family resided until 1885 when they moved to Nebraska. In 1887 they move to Wyoming and settled near Lusk.

Mr. and Mrs. Root were both members of the Baptist Church, having joined in 1876 at Brattleboro, Vermont. When the Baptist Church was organized in Lusk, they both became charter members and were faithful workers.

Five children were born to this union. The husband and father, Benjamin A. Root, and two children preceded her in death. Judge Root departed this life in May, 1918; Mrs. Lena B. Jones in September, 1926 and Frank Root who died at the age of three years.

Three children are left to mourn her departure. They are Mrs. Cora Bell and Fred A. Root of Lusk and Arthur Root of Lance Creek. There are also nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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