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Paul Garrett McConaughey

(01/21/1895 - 05/05/1967)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/11/1967

P. McConaughy Dies at Tacoma

Paul Garrett McConaughey, 72, of Tacoma, Wash., died in Washington Friday. He was a brother of Joseph H. McConaughey of Lusk.

Military services were held in Tacoma Sunday and the body was flown to Rochester, Minn., for burial Tuesday.

Mr. McConaughey was born in Knoxville, Iowa to Issac Newton McConaughey and Mary N. McConaughey January 21, 1895. He was a resident of Niobrara County for a number of years.

Survivors includes one daughter, Ellen Mae Woltz, one son, Dean, both of Rochester; two brothers, Joseph of Lusk and Theodore William of Borger, Tex.; and one sister, Catherine Wickler of Portland, Ore.

Joseph McConaughey was unable to attend the services.

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