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Lois Parker

(11/30/-0001 - 05/11/1970)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/14/1970

Sister of Mrs. Thompson Dies

Mrs. Lois Parker, 69, of Garnett, Kan.; died Monday morning following an extended illness. She was a sister of Mrs. Esther Thompson of Dubois, Wyo. formerly of Lusk.

Mrs. Thompson has been vacationing for the past month, three weeks in Torrington at the home of Mrs. Lillian Burnham, and one week at the Frank Podolak ranch southeast of Lusk. She had come to Lusk Sunday to visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bus Gautschi and other friends.

Upon receiving the information, Mrs. Thomas accompanied her brother, Ray Warnock and Mrs. Warnock of Douglas to Kansas.

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