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Erwin "Pat" Gene Pavlacky

(11/01/1929 - 10/13/2000)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/18/2000

Erwin G. Pavlacky

Erwin Gene "Pat" Pavlacky, son of Nora and August Pavlacky, born in Lusk on November 1, 1929, passed away on Friday October 13.

He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Ardith L. Pavlacky, six children, several grandchildren and great grandchildren, two brothers and a sister, spread out all over the world.

Pat left Wyoming when he was 14 to see the world. He joined the Air Force when he was seventeen and served our country over in England from about 1946 to 1949. After getting out of the service he traveled all over the United States doing all kinds of different jobs trying to find his niche in life. He was a jack of all trades and master of none.

In 1953 he met Ardith through her two sons. They got married and moved around quite a bit until they decided to increase the size of their family. They decided they'd better settle down so they moved back to Wyoming, Pat's dream was to have a small farm in Wyoming, so he, Ardith and her two sons moved back to the Casper area, but his dream was not yet to be realized.

Jobs were pretty scarce during that time period, so Pat took work where he could find it, which meant more traveling and moving. They ended up in a small town called Big Piney and lived in that area for about 10 years. Pat was working for a company that transferred him to Idaho where they lived for about 10 years and then he was transferred to Oregon. They bought a house on two acres in Eagle Creek, Oregon and had cows, sheep and chickens. He got a taste of his dream until he retired from the Williams Corporation in 1988.

After retiring he told his family that he wanted to move back to Wyoming. He and Ardith moved back to the Douglas area and lived in Orin Junction until 1994, when they decided to buy some land in Shawnee, Wyoming. They had a few chickens, a garden, fed the wild deer and greeted the sunrise every morning. He always said he loved Wyoming for its wide-open spaces, blue skies and sunshine.

He was born in Wyoming and wanted to die in Wyoming. He finally attained his dream.

Pat was one of the most patient, kind, warm-hearted persons known. He was a good father and teacher. He was an animal lover and a great musician and shared that love with his family. When he left the world, he didn't leave alone, he took a part of all his family and Wyoming with him when God called him home.

A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, October 18, 2 p.m. at the Cicmanec-Pier. Funeral Home in Lusk with Pastor Tom Strock officiating.

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