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Rulo G. Roberts

(06/03/1891 - 12/02/1975)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/11/1975

Service was held Friday for Rulo Roberts, 72-year Niobrara resident

Funeral service was held Friday for Rulo G. Roberts, 84, who died Dec. 2 in the Goshen County Memorial Hospital in Torrington. Mr. Roberts has been a Niobrara County resident for 72 years.

The Rev. Robert Boutwell and the Rev. Fred Bolinger officiated at the service held in the Peet Chapel. Mrs. Edna DeCastro was organist. Casket bearers were Chuck Smith, Kenneth Freeman, Ray Lake, William Wilcox, Richard Brashear and John Goddard. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Rulo G. Roberts was born June 3, 1891, in Crawford, Neb., the son of Les and Mary Maxfield Roberts. His early childhood was spent in and around the Crawford area. He came to Lusk in 1903 for the first time where he worked for Clarence Sheldon on the ranch now known J. A. 6.

In 1906 he returned to Crawford where he drove a six mule team at Ft. Robinson. He worked there until 1911 when he and his brother Leon trailed horses to Grand Island, Neb. to break and sell. They then leased a place in the Sand Hills of Nebraska. In 1914 he married Lucy McMurtry, they continued to live there until the spring of 1917 when they came to Wyoming in a covered wagon. He worked for Tom Bell on the Box X ranch until the fall of 1917 when he filed on a homestead in the Hat Creek area. They lived there until 1926 when he sold the homestead and bought the ranch now occupied by Kenneth Freeman. They moved to Lusk in 1955 where he has since resided. His wife Lucy died in July, 1961.

In January 1962 he and Pearl Percy were married and they continued to live in Lusk.

Mr. Roberts is survived by his widow, Pearl; one son Les Roberts of Page, Ariz.; one daughter Mary Hoblit, Lusk; 7 grandchildren; 3 step grandchildren; and 4 great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his wife Lucy, one infant son, Kester, one sister; two brothers and one stepdaughter.

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