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Jerold Leon Romprey

(02/09/1942 - 04/13/1996)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/12/1996

Jerold Leon Romprey

Jerold Leon Romprey, 54, died April 13, 1996, in Facatecas, Mexico. He was buried in Williamette National Cemetery in Portland, Ore., April 26.

Romprey was born in Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 9, 1942. A self-described ladies man, he enjoyed his high school days, but left early to join the U. S. Navy in 1959.

His principal solemnly warned him, "I think you're making a mistake," but he proved him overcautious by taking full advantage of an eight-year Naval stint that included spectacular Pacific tours, medical experience as a hospital orderly, and an opportunity to earn his G.E.D.

While stationed in the Bay Area, he was led by the Holy Spirit to believe in Jesus Christ as he personal Savior.

Through the discipleship ministry of the Navigators, and the hospitality of the Port O'Call (a Christian's Servicemen Center), he was introduced to the book that would transform his mind and spirit and become the essence of his life: The Holy Scriptures. He started a lifelong devotion to meditation and study of the Bible.

However, he wasn't so scholarly that he neglected to notice a young, pretty Lois Norma Dillingham. She sang and played the piano a lot, as they hung out together in a rather whirlwind romance/engagement until they decided to follow Jesus together as partners Aug. 17, 1963.

Four years later, he honorably left his Navy career to prepare for the ministry by attending Western Bible Institute in Denver. He graduated with honors in May, 1972.

By then, he was the father of three children, Glenn Raymond, David Eugene and Susanna Marguerite.

He was a compassionate and thoughtful dad who could counsel and comfort his children - always with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures. His kids looked up to him as a spiritual leader.

His ministry career was extensive and diverse. He pastured a city-wide singles outreach at Riverside Baptist in Denver from 1970-1973.

He taught doctrine to new converts in Christ is the Answer, a Jesus people organization, from 1973-1975.

From 1975 to 1983, he passionately carried out his love for the Jewish people in the ministry he founded, Bless Israel Now.

As a leader in the Denver area in Jewish-Christian reconciliation, he led student teams to Israel to learn this delicate art.

Despite recurring health problems that at times interrupted and complicated his service to God, some of his best ministry came in recent years as he pastored a small, needy congregation in Lusk, and also worked creatively and effectively as the Director of Biblical Studies at the Richmond Rescue Mission in Richmond, Calif.

These later assignments confirmed the fact that he was most loved by others, perhaps, as being a great Bible teacher.

Two of the most important doctrines to him, aside from salvation, were the necessity of a personal baptism from the Holy Spirit, and the absolute security of the believer. He expressed "great pleasure" in teaching Jesus Christ to men and women who had not yet met Him.

It was this craving that, in part, compelled him in 1996 to move to Mexico with his bride of 32 years. He died April 13, 1996, in the mining town of Zacatecas. Romprey was a husband, a father, a grandfather, a teacher, a rock hunter, a football enthusiast, and even a painter. For those who knew him, he painted something in our hearts that only God could now possess, but why would God do that?

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