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Grover Cleveland Baird

(03/12/1887 - 03/14/1969)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/20/1969

Grover Baird Services Held

Graveside services were held Tuesday morning at 11:00 in Lusk for Grover Baird, 82, who died Friday in Sheridan.

Mr. Baird came to Wyoming with his parents Mr. and Mrs. George Baird during the Homestead Act and settled in the Kirtley community.

He was a veteran of World War I.

Baird is Judged Insane, Committed to Sheridan; Relative's Death Mystery

The Lusk Herald, January 14,1937

Grover Baird, who is believed responsible for the fire which destroyed practically all the buildings at the Baird ranch, on January 1, which resulted in the death of his father, Geo. Baird, 91 years old, and his brother, Charles Baird, 60 years old, was declared insane and committed to the Veterans Hospital for the Insane, a government institution, at Sheridan, Wyo.

The jury was composed of Quince Boen, Otto Klemke, Fred Hanson, Hans Gautschi, John Rice, and Connie Frosheiser.

The hearing was had before Judge Harry P. Ilsley in the District court with County Attorney Thomas O. Miller conducting the examination of witnesses.

Baird was closely guarded by Sheriff D.A. Shoopman, Deputy Bud Cantwell and Hubert Keller, guard, when he was brought into the court room, but at no time did he offer any resistance of give trouble of any kind. He took in the hearing calmly, nodding his approval at some of the testimony of witnesses and shaking his head at testimony with which he did not agree.

Coroner George Earl Peet was the principal witness, he giving a detailed account of the fire and the finding of the bodies of George Baird and Charley Baird, which was substantiated in almost every particular by other witnesses, who were Dr. Reckling, Dr. Bryant, George Baird, his brother, and J.B. Griffith.

Doctors Reckling and Bryant gave expert testimony in regard to his mental condition, both agreeing that he was suffering from a serious form of insanity. All the other witnesses who testified also gave it as their opinion that he was insane.

George Baird, his brother, was examined by County Attorney Thomas O. Miller in regard to the finances of the Baird family. This was done so that if he was found insane, and had over one thousand dollars, and the jury sent him to the state Hospital at Evanston, he would have to pay for his own care.

However, the jury decreed that he being an ex-serviceman, with an overseas record, he was sent to the government hospital, where he will be cared for at the expense of the government.

After questioning, it was deduced that Grover Baird was worth something over $3,000.00 in his own name.

Grover Baird was questioned at some length by Judge Ilsley, County Attorney Miller and members of the jury, but he did not seem to remember anything about the burning of his father and brother. He told of keeping the "Great Lights burning," told of building a fire on the floor of the garage, and of the burning of the barn and other outbuildings, but his memory seemed to be a blank when questioned about his father and brother, and it will probably always remain a mystery as to the exact manner in which they met their death and the details leading up the their deaths.

After deliberating about 20 minutes the jury brought to a verdict, committing Baird to the government Hospital at Sheridan.


Before George Earl Peet, Coroner, We, the undersigned jurors summoned to appear before said George Earl Peet, Coroner of the County of Niobrara, at Lusk, on the 13th day of January, A.D. 1937, to inquire into the cause of death of George Baird having made such inquiry, and having inspected the body, and having heard the testimony adduced, upon our oaths, each and all, do say that we find the named of the deceased was George Baird; that he was a native of the United States, and that he came to his death on or about the 1st day of January, 1937, in this county, by fire which destroyed his home. Started from unknown cause.


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