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Carl Frederick Vroman

(01/07/1903 - 10/07/1931)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 10/15/1931

Carl Vroman, Ranch Worker Takes Own Life At Klemke Place; Worry Is Thot Cause

Relatives and friends of Carl Frederick Vroman, son of Mrs. Tom Smith of this city, were stricken with grief and astonishment last Friday evening when word came to this city from the Helmuth Klemke ranch, about nine miles north of here, that the body of this lad, who had many friends, and who always appeared in best of spirits, had been found on the floor of the homestead shack, life extinct, and a 25-35 caliber rifle laying beside him. He had placed the muzzle of the gun directly beneath his chin and pulled the trigger.

It is presumed by friends who knew him that he was probably worried and despondent over general conditions and that the battle of life seemed too hard for him to face.

Young Vroman, whose age was 28 years, 9 months and 2 days at the time of death, had been visiting around with friends through the county for the past couple of weeks, and on Thursday evening stopped at the Klemke place, where he had often visited. He had prepared his supper and gone to bed in the bunk house before his presence was known to Klemke, who had come to town that evening.

Friday morning, he ate a hearty breakfast with Mr. Klemke and as the latter had some road dragging to do, left Vroman in charge with a few chores to do. Klemke left the place about 10 a.m., and did not return until about 7 o'clock that evening, when after stumbling over an object in the dark, lit a match only to discover the ghastly pallor of death on the boy's countenance, and a pool of blood across the floor. So far as can be determined by Coroner George Earl Peet, the lad took his life in the early afternoon, presumable about 1:30 o'clock.

Deceased had apparently little to worry about, unless it was because of his being unemployed at present. He had worked for a number of years on the Alfred Johnson ranch as a cow hand and was considered one of the best in the game. He had acquired a small herd of cattle and these were sufficient to lessen any worry from a financial standpoint. It was probably because of his ordinary activity that his present idleness shattered his nerves.

The remains were brought to Lusk and taken in charge by the Peet Mortuary and prepared for burial. No inquest was held as it was conclusively evident that the man had taken his own life.

Funeral services were held from the First Baptist church at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon, under direction of George Earl Peet, mortician. Rev. B. F. Farrar, pastor, officiated and the remains were laid to rest in the Lusk cemetery.

Obituary will be found on another page of this issue.

To those who mourn his passing, the sincere sympathy of the entire community is extended.


Carl F. Vroman was born near Whitman Nebraska January 7th, 1903, and in that community grew to manhood's estate. He was one of nine children that were born to Mr. and Mrs. Gustavus Vroman, one brother of whom died in infancy. Carl's father also preceded him to the great beyond, passing away in 1923.

There remain to mourn his untimely departure from this life, his mother and step-father, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Smith; his four brothers, William (Brent), Leonard, Edwin and Othel and his three sisters-Mrs. Fred Ellis; Mrs. Tutters of Casper and Mrs. Viola Bershire of Sandpoint, Idaho; and other relatives, and friends.

Carl was staying with Helmouth Klemke on his ranch and Friday afternoon, and while Mr. Klemke was away from home, he wrote a farewell note to his loved ones and by his hand, closed his life on this world, to try the realities of the realm that lies beyond this earth-bound existence.

According to the record then he had attained the age of 28 years, 9 months and 2 days.

Funeral services were held from the Baptist church Sunday afternoon and interment was had in the Lusk Cemetery.

"I know Thee, Savior, who thou art,
Jesus, the feeble sinner's Friend!
Nor wilt thou with the night depart,
But stay and love me to the end:
Thy mercies never shall remove;
Thy nature and thy name is LOVE."

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