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George Wickersham

(03/29/1880 - 10/06/1973)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 10/11/1973

Service Tues. for Geo. Wickersham

George Wickersham, 93, long time Sioux County resident, passed away Saturday afternoon at Chadron Community Hospital. Mr. Wickersham had had major surgery on Thursday. Among survivors are two sons of Harrison, a daughter of Arkansas and a daughter of Arizona.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at Memorial United Methodist Church with Rev. Larry Shrout officiating.

A complete obituary will be printed next week.

The Harrison Sun
October 18, 1973
Geo. Wickersham Last Rites Held

George Wickersham, the son of Howard and Isa Wickersham, was born March 29, 1880, in Ironton, Wis., and died October 6, in Chadron.

When he was a youngster, the family moved to Avon, S.D., where he completed his education. He attended the Methodist Academy at Mitchell, S.D. for one year.

In 1902 he came with his parents to Sioux County and homesteaded in the Bodarc Community. When his father retired from ranching, George and other stockholders combined his homestead and his father's ranch into a corporation. Later, George bought the outstanding stock and with his sons formed the Wickersham Cattle Company.

In July, 1919, he married Miss Abbie Nelson of Avon, S.D. Five children were born. The eldest William Nelson preceded his father in death.

George is survived by his wife and four children, Mrs. Faith Dahlstedt, Mrs. Eula Campbell, George Warren Wickersham, and Norman Harris Wickersham. There are sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. HIs brother Charles and his sisters Mrs. Fayth Dow and Mrs. Opal Bunting are still living.

Funeral service was held at 2:00 p.m. on October 9 at the Memorial United Methodist Church in Harrison with the Rev. Larry R. Shrout officiating. Mrs. Robert Todd was organist.

Pallbearers were Jim Staudenmeier, Harry Zimmerman, Buddy Serres, Jerry Eberspecher, Jimmy Serres, and Bill Coffee. Honorary pallbearers were W.E. Mumby, E.E. Whiteaker, Milford Brewster, Tress Powell, John Broderick and J.A. McClarey.

Those from away who were here for the services included Mrs. Faith Dahlstedt of Arkadelphia, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. George Campbell, Scottsdale, Ariz.; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Esten, Belvidere, S.D.; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wickersham, Laramie, Wyo.; Miss Randy Wickersham, Omaha; and Miss Sharon Wickersham, Kearney.

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