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Ora Crouse

(12/17/1908 - 11/03/1994)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/16/1994

Ora Crouse

Ora Crouse was born Dec. 17, 1908, to Orville and Ada (Booth) Crouse at Wray, Colo.

He attended school and worked on the family farm with his two brothers there. He was baptized in the Christian Church as a young boy there.

He was a self-taught mechanic and worked in that area for many years.

On May 25, 1927, he married Sarah Renzelman at Wray, Colo. To this union was born nine children.

Over the years the family moved several times as he was employed both as an auto mechanic and an airplane mechanic.

He loved music and would play the accordion or the harmonica with his wife Sarah at the piano.

During his travels he got to know several country western singers on a first name basis, including Patsy Cline.

A deteriorating hip joint forced his semi-retirement to Lusk, where he lived for 30 years.

Two of his children died at an early age, with his wife Sarah passing away on Dec. 10, 1989.

Deteriorating health initiated his move to Kansas in December of 1992.

He passed away at age 85 at the Citizens Medical Center of Colby, Kan., on Nov. 3, 1994, after a lengthy illness.

He is survived by Donald and wife Gladys, Blackpool, England; Delbert and wife Barbara, Lusk; Wanine Browning, Goodland, Kan.; Margie and husband Bill Wieck, Arvada, Colo.; Dorothy and husband Gaylen Weeden, St. Francis, Kan.; Phyllis and husband Ed Carson, Bird City, Kan.; Carole and husband Gene Garmon, Ulysses, Kan.; plus 17 grandsons, seven granddaughters and 27 great-grandchildren.

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