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Jacob "Jack" M. Gottlieb Jr.

(12/05/1918 - 07/25/1944)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 11/30/1943

Pharmacist Mate 2C Jacob Gottlieb Former Lance Creek Youth Reported Killed in Action in So. Pacific Area

Thon Book No. 2

Information received in this city this week told of another Niobrara County youth who gave his life in the cause for which Allied nations are now waging a victorious war - a world free from aggression and dictatorship. The latest casualty is Pharmacist Mate Second Class Jacob Gottlieb, formerly of Lance Creek, who was reported killed in action somewhere in the South Pacific theatre of operations against the Japs.

Details are as usual lacking but the information received at this office is considered reliable.

Young Gottlieb enlisted from Laramie, where he was attending the state university, but was well known in Lance Creek and this city.

It was but several weeks ago that a delayed release told of Gottleib being presented a letter of commendation by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commander-in-chief of the Pacific fleet, at a parade formation of the Fourth Marine division in one of the advanced Pacific bases. This citation read: "For meritorious devotion to duty while serving with a Marine battalion in action against enemy Japanese forces during the invasion of Namur Island, Kwajalein atoll February1 and 2, 1944. Acting as a hospital corpsman, he worked continuously and skillfully with the wounded, never hesitating to go where he was needed no matter how heavy the enemy fire or how exposed the position. His efficient and courageous performance of his duties was in keeping with the highest traditions of the naval service.

The Lusk Herald, May 27, 1948

The Remains of Jack Martin Gottlieb to Be Returned From Pacific War Theatre

The remains of Jack Martin Gottlieb, Pharmacist mate 2/C, U.S. Navy, are to be brought home from an island in the Pacific and laid to rest in the Lusk Cemetery beside his father and mother.

Such is the word received by Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Watson from Margie and Eugene Stevens of Omaha, cousins of the young man who gave his life for his country.

It is not known yet just when the body will arrive here, but Mortician G. Earl Peet will be notified when it reaches Ogden, Utah. It is understood that the ship bringing these bodies back to the United States has already landed in San Francisco.

Some of the details in regard to Jack Gottlieb service and death are contained in a letter which Mr. Watson received from the boy's cousins in Omaha in August, 1944 which is printed in part:

"We received Jack's citation 'For meritorious devotion to duty during the invasion of Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll 1 and 2 February 1944." signed by C.W. Nimitz, Admiral United States Navy. We know that he was also on the invasion of Saipan and came through without injuries, according to our last letter for Jack, dated July 16, 1944."

"The notice of his death said he "died of wounds following action 25 July, 1944. He sustained gunshot wounds in the abdomen and his remains were buried on an island in the Pacific, pending cessation of hostilities. Jack told us how he liked you folks and we promised him we would let you know if anything happened to him."

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