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Cecil Wilson

(11/30/-0001 - 12/21/1949)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/20/1949

Cecil Wilson Dies Enroute to Lusk

Chuck Vaughan and his mother, Mrs. Ada Vaughan, returned the past week from Stanwood, Wash., where they were called by the sudden death of Cecil Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson is the daughter of Mrs. Vaughan, and brother of Chuck, and in company with her husband, Cecil Wilson, the couple was en route to Lusk to spend the holidays from their home at Wasila, Alaska.

They stopped at Stanwood, Wash., to visit at the home of a son, Ted Wilson, when Mr. Wilson suffered a heart attack and died on December 21.

The Lusk relatives drove to Stanwood, where funeral services were held, and then the remains were flown back to Wasilla, Alaska, for interment.

The deceased Is a former resident of Lance Creek where he was employed as a welder for the Ohio Oil Company.

Besides his widow he is survived by six children, two sons and two daughters by this marriage and a son, Ted, and daughter, Jean, by a former marriage. His mother, of Alliance, Neb., and a sister, Mrs, Martin, of Thermopolts. Wyo, and a brother, survive.

Chuck Vaughan says they drove 3,000 miles on the trip, with 2000 of it being on ice.

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